Social Media and Childrens Hospitals

Recently, I just finished up with my internship at a children’s hospital in Delaware. It was an experience that I will never forget. Working for the Marketing, PR and Communications department, I worked for and with the department on their Facebook accounts. Attracting FB likes for the page was never an issue for the team, however getting good feedback from likes on post or comments, always seemed to be rather difficult.

While reading an article from PR Daily on the way in which Google+ was used to communicate and attract patients, future and current doctors, nonprofits a national children’s hospital was able to attain over 270,000 different followers to their page. That is an incredible number of followers for any social media site – let alone a children’s hospital.

They say that they planned their social media page for awhile before it went public make sure to have enough content the first day to attract followers and keep them there. Also, they followed many different types of organizations and key influencers in the industry to truly connect with and keep in contact with. Their posts vary from topic to topic being posted at random times that make the most sense to the post.

Variety and Spontaneity must be the key to their success!!!


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