Pink Underwear falling from the Sky ….

Pink Underwear falling from the Sky  ....

But not just any sky, no – but the North Korean sky. A Swedish underwear company decided to spice up the secretive communist country by dropping “weapons of mass seduction” (quite original if you ask me) in the city of Pyongyang.
The company picked N. Korea based off of a campaign looking for the country in the most need of some “love and seduction”.
However, N. Korea is not a country that is open to talking/ communicating with other about the private topic and many have criticized the company, since some see it as a way in which the real issues the country faces everyday were placed in the background of this campaign.

Which leads me to state the obvious .. maybe they should try this idea in a different location… just an idea. Or possibly change the pink color to red… red is the color of love, you might get a better reaction.

Check out the full story by clicking on the picture


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